Meet the "Party Animals"


A Rutgers 1000 blog that takes comments from visitors has drawn quite a few that seem to say a lot about the "Div IA atmosphere" on campus. These writers speak the Paisano-Fatbitch idiom -- "dork," "brown nosers," "you suck," "fag," "losers," "tools," "get laid," "talk shit," "dude," etc. -- and seem to display the basic mentality. Some (see the especially creepy "Adam," below) swagger around making ugly booster noises and thinly-disguised threats. A sample:

Mike B says:

"RUTGERS 1000: we suck"

Joe says:

"Pathetic dweeb envious of popular athlete"

Jock says:

"Brown nosers!"

Foxlady says:

"If losers talk shit about thier own school and no one is there to listen.

Does anybody care?"

RU1000 SUCKS says:

"Rutgers1000 members honestly have you guys ever touched a girl? No? Oh yeah . . . sorry I forgot you like dudes . . ."

JD Sherman says:

1. "Loser"

2. "I'm in college and I still can't get laid."

4. "Communism, not football."

Spanking my Money says:

"I've never been laid, but I have this great T-Shirt."

RUGLA says:

"You guyssss are soooooo cute! When issss your next meeting? I am a fag and hate successsssful people too!"

Rutgers44000 says:

You’re in fucking denial.

Anonymous says:


Mike says:

Get a life you tools.

Adam says:

"Come on. Print my comment on your bullshit site.

I DARE you. Or be scared. Be VERY scared."

FoxyLady says:

RU1000 sexually frustrated losers, see rubber gloves, lube

Well, let's suppose that things take their inevitable course. Every top student in NJ starts to avoid Rutgers like the plague. The only individuals who go there are the ones who couldn't get in anywhere else. They talk about "brown nose" and "talking shit" and "loser" and "fag" and "bullshit" and "getting laid." They just love going to football games. They love painting their faces and yowling from the stands. Drinking beer. Then, after four years, the university formerly known as Rutgers gives them a piece of paper.

What happens then? It's pretty easy to say, actually. They become RU boosters, just like the types who are thrilled about the stadium expansion and "Touchdown Club" meetings and "How do you think we'll do against Fresno?" and "We need more pass dee-fense," and all like that.

But how do these people live their lives after college?

We ran across a page on a Rutgers fan site that suggests what the after-college lives of RU boosters looks like. It seems pretty depressing to us, but we'll bet it doesn't to "Mike B" and "Jock" and "Foxlady" and "RU1000 SUCKS" and "Spanking my Monkey" and "Adam." It's what they'll be doing themselves in five or ten or fifteen years. Here's a link they can click on:

 Meet the Boosters