"The worst thing about about big time football is that it draws to your university people you want to stay away. Poor sods who drink beer and belch and scratch their bellies and argue about the 'point spread'. Students whose idea of college is getting drunk and making fools of themselves at football games. Football draws these people like flies to a manure pile"

-- G.S. Terborch

Below: a random sampling of booster responses to the firing of "Bob" Mulcahy from the Rutgers football franchise. Several motifs seem to us worth noting: (1) their tremendous threats "never to buy another Star Ledger" (as though the Star Ledger wouldn't be thrilled to rid its demographic of what Terborch correctly terms "poor sods" like these), (2) their tremendous threats "never to give another cent to the university" (as if their pathetic contributions ever made any difference whatever to the Rutgers endowment), (3) their blind hatred of first-rate investigative journalism that, while serving the highest purposes of civic responsibility, tells them things they don't want to hear, (4) the thinly disguised threats of ugly physical violence ("get yourself a 3 ft. piece of rebar"), and (5) the level of education indicated by their spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.



Poor Sod #1:

I cant believe these bastards won. What a load of f*ckn BS!

Poor Sod #2:

That f*ckn sucks!!!!!

Poor Sod #3:

Josh and Ted from the Star Liar couldn't wait to post that story. A**holes.

Poor Sod #4:

McCormick- if you or anyone else at our university didn't stand up for this man then you are All GUTLESS, SPINELESS COWARDS.

Rutgers Academics will not see another dime from me. I will donate everything I can straight to the football program now.

Poor Sod # 5:

I hope Ted and Josh are proud of themselves. What a bunch of a**holes. I hope they go out of business as soon as possible. I will never buy another paper again.

Poor Sod #6:

I am no longer a fan of this University.

The cowards, the Losers that run this place.

They folded like a bunch of cheap tents, after all that Bob has done for this university.

he has raised it from the pitts of hell, to be treated like this.

I remember the old days of terry shea, Anderson, Graber....

What Bob has done for this program can only be a miricle.

Greg Will gone next year or this year...He will not stay.

Kiss the death of Rutgers Athletics.....

It will NEVER EVER be a Big time program.

Truly pathetic and sad move by Dick McCormicK and the BOG.

I am done, done done....

At least Boston College had balls, they knew what it meant to be big time.

I never thought I would I would be more proud of Boston College then Rutgers University.

F****** Nj politics and it's corrupt A**holes are to blame for ruining this.


Poor Sod # 7:

Zoffinger - not the Ledger - won - that piece of crap paper is going out of business. Zoffinger and his billion dollar Zanudu disaster deliberately undermined the Rutgers Stadium expansion and Robert Mulcahy.

i hope you die a slow death Zoffinger

Poor Sod #8:

The $6600+ collected for the SL ad should now go to a fund to discredit Zoffinger. What a human piece of garbage.

Poor Sod #9:

Richard McCormick folded like a cheap tent....So did the Bog....That is why I can no longer support this school.

freaking idiots running the store.

Poor Sod #10:

" They will bring back teh old sports and de-emphasize the football program, and Greg is going to be gone."

If true, we're f*ck*d! On the bright side (not that there is one right now), many of us will have more $ to spend since we won't be donating it to RU.

Poor Sod #11:

I think I'll wipe my ass with the letter I got from the pres (the form letter response we all got).

Poor Sod #12:

Now is the time to get yourselves a 3 ft. piece of rebar and give Josh and Ted a visit.

Poor Sod #13:

McCormick saw that shit was hitting the fan and decided that Bob would be his sacrificial pig in order to cover his own wrinkly incompetent ass.

What a scumbag.

Poor Sod #14

Corzine, Codey, McCormick and the BOG have ZERO balls and Suck completely and will kill Rutgers athletics, everything that Bob has built when it was NOTHING! an we were the laughing stock of the nation.

Bunch of Wussies....

Whatch RU athletics implode the next five years.