Alumni for a Rutgers Renaissance

5-point program:


*Reduction of the Rutgers athletics budget to a maximum of $8 million per year (including salaries of coaches and Athletics Department personnel). Savings thus generated to be used for:

*Lowering undergraduate tuition to $9,500 per year

*Seminar rooms, student theater space, lecture halls, planting over of College Avenue and other campus cross streets with grass and trees

UPenn campus. This area was once a "slum area" like many parts of the College Ave campus. To see the dramatic results of the renovation, click here.

*Continuing "restoration" of College Avenue campus, until Rutgers campus is at least comparable in overall attractiveness to The College of New Jersey

*Restoration of the six "Olympic sports" abolished by the current President and former Athletic Director


Non-fiscal objectives:

*Gradual raising of admissions standards until Rutgers has a student body comparable to Berkeley, Virginia, William & Mary, and similar institutions

*Improvement of curriculum, level of instruction, and quality of administrators, until Rutgers ranks among the top 5 public universities in the United States

*Revised procedures of university governance to ensure a Board of Governors made up of men and women of national stature, with an understanding of the core values of an institution of higher learning

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