A few years ago, Penn had a campus that in many places looked the way our College Ave campus looks today. Here, for instance, is a picture of an area on the edge of campus. See if it reminds you of anything at Rutgers -- the first few blocks of Easton Ave, say:


Penn spent some money on campus renovation.

Today, the same area looks like this:


One Rutgers student who saw the two pictures said "What this picture shows is a university that treats its students as first-class citizens. At Rutgers, the money goes into paying million-dollar coaches. Couldn't the alumni get together and do something about the shameful condition of our campus? Or do they just not care?"

Another student said, "If Rutgers had spent the same $400 million on campus renovation that's been poured down the sink of 'big time' athletics, we could be waking up on a campus like this every day. What's wrong with the BOG? Why aren't the faculty protesting this? Why can't we get a real president who'd steer Rutgers in the same direction?"