Booster Voices

From a local football board


A) A Rutgers alumus wakes up and realizes that all is not well at his alma mater

B) Two "true-blue boosters" -- neither of whom, one fervently hopes, attended Rutgers-- advise him to get back on board the Scarlet R bus



RU Alumnus:

Let's face facts.

Of the Big East football schools, only four- Pitt, UConn, Syracuse and RU- have solid academic credentials. One could argue amongst these four which institution has the "best" undergraduate school, business school, law school, med school, etc., but by and large these four are a lot closer together than those that make up the rest of the conference.

The academic doormats of the Big East are absolute dogs. This includes Louisville, Cincy, South Florida and West Virginia.

So we have 4 solid academic schools and 4 bad schools.

When I hear talk that we should admit UCF, Eastern Carolina or Memphis into the BE to "save" football, the palm of my hand immediately slaps my forehead. If, for example, UCF, ECU and Memphis were granted entrance to the Big East, the football schools would look like a who's who of crappy commuter schools.

In fact, the dream team conference of commuter schools. Some of these "schools" have admit rates north of 75%. And please forgive me as I wipe away the mud of elitism that is thrown my way. Until high schools cease to grade their students, and educational testing services wither away and die, life above a cashier at Taco Bell IS about academics.

Sorry if I've offended any of the other schools, but facts are facts. I may be impolitic, but we should seek out our own.

Booster #1:

Who really cares? You can't expect to be Princeton or Harvard during the week and beat the West Virginia's [sic] of the football world on Saturday. Schiano is hired to win football games. I will take a bunch of Ray Rice's [sic], Kenny Britt's [sic] and Anthony Davis's [sic] any day of the week. They are superstars who have little interest in getting an RU degree - and that's fine by me as long as we win...and it's fine by you people too as you pack the stands and root us to victory.

Booster #2:

Here it is in a nutshell. Let's be honest with each other and, even more importantly, with ourselves. Are you as an individual more concerned with academics or football? Are you a fan of Rutgers as a school or are you a fan of the football team? My interest is dedicated to the FOOTBALL TEAM. Look in the mirror and ask where your true interest lies.