"Hey, it's New Jersey"


ARR: Governor Christobel, it's been a long time since we've interviewed you. Thanks for agreeing to . . .

Gov. Christobel: You're welcome. I know what you want to talk about. My answer's the same one as at my press conference. He didn't hide anything. He told everybody he was going to wet his beak. So he's wetting his beak. It's New Jersey. He's got a right to wet his beak.

ARR: But Governor Christobel. We haven't even asked our question yet. What we want to know is . . .

Gov. Christobel: I've said all I have to say. Look, these goody-two shoes "clean adminstration" types are a pain in the derriere, if you know what I mean. New Jersey isn't some white-bread place like Iowa or one of those states, you know?

ARR: But what about the appearance of malfeasance and vile self-interest, Governor Christobel? Doesn't that count for anything? Especially when you're talking about the administration of an institution of higher learning?

Gov. Christobel: Appearance? You're worried about appearances? In New Jersey? Did Tony Soprano worry about appearances? If he had a chance to wet his beak, he took it, right?

ARR: Yes, but Tony Suprano wasn't in a position of public trust.

Gov. Christobel: Okay, let's talk about the politicians in Trenton. Don't you count them as being in positions of public trust?

ARR: Certainly, but we still think there's a difference betw. . . .

Gov. Christobel: Do you read the newspapers? Have you read The Soprano State, by any chance?

ARR: Yes.

Gov. Christobel: So. What's your conclusion.

ARR: You're right. It's New Jersey. He's got a right to wet his beak.

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